QLC (Quality Life Coefficient)

Do you want to increase the quality of life of the people who work for your company? Are you the decision-maker in your organization?
I am offering you a series of two and a half hour workshops that cover life topics. The participation of your organization’s members in these workshops will help them become more efficient at work, understand their positive and deficient behaviors and attitudes, better manage their emotions in workplace conflicts, act when the first signs of burnout appear.

The Quality Life Coefficient (QLC) is designed so one can make a lucid assessment of their life plans as well as use tools that will lead to improved results.
Find out if there are colleagues in your organization who are tired, exhausted, overwhelmed. Is there someone who has insomnia? Or who has trouble waking up in the morning? Are there people who feel that, no matter how much they work, they cannot get what they’re aiming for?

If you think the above questions or the answers to them would be helpful, go through the list of topics I’ve suggested below. Choose what best suits your organization and we’ll make a plan to see how we can bring together the needs of the people in your company with my experience as a psychotherapist, trainer and coach.

Here are some working topics designed to bring both useful information and exercises that can be done at the gym or at home, and which will serve them in achieving the results they are looking for.

I put forward 10 workshops, 10 “puzzle pieces” that will help improve their state of mind and quality of life. Using different solutions for the same life problems will allow them to change the outcome.

The topics you can choose from are related to fatigue management, sleep management, loneliness and alienation, conflict management, time management (with a novel approach), anger management, fear of success, self-confidence, age – advantages and difficulties, the meaning of life.

See the 2019 calendar: