Transgenerational Psychotherapy Training Courses

Anybody who is interested in developing their knowledge and skills in the field of transgenerational psychotherapy now has the opportunity to deepen each subject individually during the courses organized on different topics and experience levels.

The Transgenerational Psychotherapy training courses are designed for psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, physicians and social workers who want to expand their psychogeneology skills.
The training courses are structured on three levels: basic, advanced and mastery.

The first level, the basic one, is structured in 64 hours of training divided into 3 to 4 courses distributed over a calendar year. This course covers 10 major topics of transgenerational psychotherapy, case studies, practical applications, and the basic tools in transgenerational work.

The advanced training addresses the same topics as the basic course, but with other subthemes, case studies of the participants, action techniques, and practical applications. Attendance for this course level is conditional upon having gone through the basic level.

The mastery level is the training where the professionals (who have gone through the other two course levels) work on different topics through the lens of the main themes of transgenerational psychotherapy. Here we’ll also discuss the links among the themes and between clinical psychopathology and the transgenerational approach.

See the 2019 calendar:
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