Transgenerational psychotherapy

Every year you can take part in a series of group psychotherapy workshops. You’re welcome to join the group if you want to explore your family history in order to heal the traumas that have been passed along generations and have left an imprint on your life.

In the transgenerational psychotherapy workshops you can work on the health and emotional problems and difficulties you have. There can be repeated losses, accidents or illnesses triggered by age or dates that coincide with family events. There may be blockages in your professional or financial evolution, or there may be periods of inexplicable sadness or weakness.

Here you can find “The Hero’s Journey”, a series of nine monthly one-day workshops. You can take part in any of them, without being conditioned to attend the entire program.

You have the opportunity to experience the benefits of the concept built around the idea of traveling across the map of your life. In this journey, the Hero in you passes through nine “gates” so you can get to know yourself, your family, the lineage you belong to. In the end you arrive in front of the ninth “gate”, and you will pass through it and become the Hero of your own life. The symbolic journey you will take is a process of profound transformation, through which you can both heal transgenerational wounds and experience a beautiful rapprochement with the family you are part of.

See the 2019 calendar:
The Hero’s Journey/ The World Map/ My Name/ Shh! It’s a Secret/ The Body Map and the Family History/ The Box of Losses/ History Returns, History Repeats Itself/ 0 Debts/ A Step Up/ The Family Blazon.