26.05.2018 Transgenerational Psychotherapy Group – “The Hero’s Journey”, Bucharest, Romania

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A workshop about family wounds and how we get to feel their presence

When everything seems to be predestined

Draw your life map and then your own path!

You are who you want to be!


The description of the event

From the first moment we come into this world, with every look or word that comes our way, we’re all discovering who we are. Actually, who we are for THEM. We live by gathering images about us and sometimes we reach a point in our life when we realize we want to know more, that we are a soul which seeks the answer to the question “WHO AM I?”

It is then that the journey of self-discovery begins. The hero in us starts his/her journey, one of trials, revelations, joy and sadness, into a world where we find that we have the right to decide what we leave behind and what we keep from what we’ve received as inheritance from our family.

THE HERO’S JOURNEY is a journey in time, into our family’s history, into the present we’re living, but also into our future, desires, plans. On this journey, the HERO within us learns how to free himself/herself from barriers and memories and discover their strengths and resources.

During your journey, HERO, you will go through nine knowledge gates.

Are you ready?

The journey begins.

You will pass through the first gate after you draw your travel map. You will bring with you everything you know and everything you can find out about your family. Continue the journey!

You arrive then at the second gate, which is your name. You will find out the dreams, wishes, or secrets within your first name. What makes you be YOU. You carry this name all your life and feel it is yours, yet sometimes you don’t recognize it at all. You proudly introduce it or whisper it as if you don’t want anyone to hear it.

Who is your name? Is it your name that tells you who you are? Or is it YOU who brings life to your name?

The third gate is your Body, with your entire family history written and recorded on it. Diseases, marks, or pains are sometimes the words your body uses to tell you about your family’s past.

When you pass through the fourth gate you will discover the Secrets and all that is Unsaid, so you can now say it. Closed off to everyone, secrets pass through generations only to be released later. Have the courage to let them go! Your life will be lighter, even clearer.

Only when you reach the fifth gate you can find the Losses and Incomplete mournings. All that is left unfinished is a wound that does not heal and still brings you sadness, restlessness, hopeless expectations. Free yourself from all the unfinished stories! That will bring you closure and clean and beautiful relationships. After having gone through this gate you can start to build.

If you’ve reached the sixth gate that means you have the wisdom to understand* all the Anniversaries. When you get to the same place or in the same story as your grandmother or a distant aunt, when you get sick the same way or at the same time when an ancestor of yours was injured, that means the wheel is going round and round. Let your life move past that!

The accountability through generations is at gate seven. * Here you can pay all your ancestors’ debts. Sometimes you do it even if you don’t want to. Are you losing money or your house, are you still in a bad relationship without understanding why you don’t have the power to put an end to it? Do you know you can turn all of this into a better accounting balance?

… and at the eighth gate you can already know if you feel guilty for having gone further than your family. You feel it, but it’s hard for you to say it. You think about it, but you’re ashamed of that. You miss exams, you feel as an impostor, although you rationally have no reason for it, or you just don’t manage well financially. Whatever you do, it feels like it’s difficult for you that you did or were able to do more than your family.

At the ninth gate you have the name, your family name. It’s the Blazon you wear. Here you can rewrite it the way you want to. The way you decide to live your life from now on.

Are you ready? Are you ready to change into who you are?

Your journey, HERO, will continue … it will continue on the golden realm.



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